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When we do the sums and price our produce up, we want you to enjoy better meat, and this shouldn't break the bank.

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About Us

The founders of The Meat Experience Butchery, wanted to introduce you to a better way of buying meat, with the same values, skills and passion generations before ours had from their local butcher. To give people a chance to enjoy the flavour of carefully sourced and expertly crafted, fresh meat. Focused on providing, tasty, native-breed, free-range, pasture fed, dry aged meat. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to eat meat that has been ethically reared.

We're proud to source our meat from local farms, cattle markets and abattoirs near to us in Nairobi, Kenya. Hard working independent farmers, who know and respect their animals and every inch of their farm. By trading this way we cut out middlemen and pay a better price for quality, that is fairer on the farmer and the customer. From field to fork, everything has been done to make sure it’s not just better meat, but the very best. The Meat Experience Butchery buys whole animal carcasses, butchering 'nose to tail' in the traditional manner which is done by so few these days, then adapting cuts for the modern palate.

The Meat Experience Butchery now opens 6 days per week, both to the public who can purchase as little as a single chop all the way up to restaurant groups who purchase thousands of pounds worth of meat in any one order.

We guarantee to only serve you with the freshest products available. If you'd like to know more about our products or services get in touch with us today or simply stop by the store! We're always happy to cater to your needs.

- Patrick

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